Carryout Auto Portable Antenna

Carryout Auto Portable Antenna

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Carryout Auto Portable Antenna

  • Compact, fully automatic portable satellite TV antenna that goes with you anytime, anyplace!
  • Perfect for RVing, camping, tailgating, races, wooded areas, cabins, vacation homes, back yard BBQs and more!
  • You´ll be amazed at how easy this antenna is to set up and operate - just turn it on and let it do the rest!
  • Runs off of 12V and plugs into standard 12V outlet in your vehicle (12V power converter to 110V sold separately).
  • Carryout supports programming from multiple satellite providers: DISH Network (SD & HD), DIRECTV (SD) and Bell TV* (SD & HD) which is great should you ever switch providers.
  • Compatible with wide variety of receivers .
  • No need to buy a special receiver.
  • You even have the ability to use your receiver from home.
  • Single satellite viewing antenna with two coax inputs allow for multiple receiver hook up so you can watch 2 TVs at once.
  • Features easy grip handle for effortless carrying.
  • Eyelet attached to base provides ability to lock up antenna for added security.
  • Includes 50´ power and coax cable.
  • Lightweight and durable: 15.6" dome height, 20" diameter.
  • Choose between classic white or Realtree camouflage. (Realtree AP HD ) 2006 of Jordan Outdoor Enterprises, Ltd., all rights reserved.

Manufacturer: Winegard

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