Blue Ox triple lug adapter to Adapt to Blue Ox base plates

Blue Ox triple lug adapter to Adapt to Blue Ox base plates

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Blue Ox Triple Lug adapter kit is made to replace the ends of your Roadmaster Falcon, Sterling, Blackhawk, 
and original Blue Ox Aventa with single lug ends, to adapt to Blue Ox base plates.


  • Hooks right up to any vehicle with Blue Ox base plates.
  • Two bolts and the conversion is complete.
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Includes bolts, washers, and pins.

Manufacturer: Blue Ox

5 reviews

Alvin Young 08/04/2015

Very good place to order from. Quick shipping and
Fair price.

Kent Schreiber 02/28/2014

The Blue OX bar ends were just what was needed. Easy to install.

Brad Coughenour 07/12/2013

Great tech support. The technician answered my question quickly and knew exactly what I needed.

Phillippe H James 01/26/2012

Very pleased with sturdy construction and quality of adapters. Both units fit and was straight forward and easy to install.

Howard Barnhill 03/22/2011

Very pleased with the construction and ease of changing the ends had one small problem with the spacers and nylon washers. Spacers were to big and had to have them cut down to fit. Customer support has been very helpful.
Thanks Howard

This product fits the following vehicles:

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