Blue Ox bulb and socket wiring kit.

Blue Ox bulb and socket wiring kit.

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BX8869 Bulb and Socket Tail Light Wiring Kit

  • Adds a seperate bulb to your existing taillight housing.
  • Towed vehicle light wiring is untouched.
  • Fits vehicles that offer room for another bulb.


     Kit includes the following:

  • 26 ft of flat 4 wire
  • 8 ft of green & brown wire 16 ga
  • 2 soockets w/ 40 watt bulbs.
  • Elec connectors & mounting hardware.


Wiring Instruction Manual
Blue Ox tow bar instruction manual

Manufacturer: Blue Ox

9 reviews

Donald Baker 03/03/2018

Everything was there to complete the wiring to the tail lights. Great instructions also

David Robertson 08/15/2017

The baseplate installation of the baseplate on my 07 Colorado was surprisngly easy. EXCEPT the directions dont specifically state the baseplate has a top and bottom. The commonsense installation would have the installler place the top flange on top of the frame making it relatively easy to drill the two 1/2" holes through the frame,
The installer wont discover his mistake until final reinstalllation of the lower bumper.... which then wont fit. Then he gets to take the whole darn thing back apart, flip the baseplate, drill the two 1/2" holes from the underside (not fun) and put it all together again.

Kerry Foster 11/10/2015

Excellent service, a true 'Thanks Guys' . Order was placed with Jason (Hood River). He is a credit to your firm and very efficient. I had given him the Blue Ox part number, which he doubled checked to be the part I was ordering. Shipping time was quoted to be 7 days. It arrived in 4 days, complete ( 3 separate items)!! It was also nice to receive an email 'thank you for your order.. The car is already torn apart with baseplate mounted, ready to be towed.. Keep up the great service !!

Mike Rodgers 10/11/2015

Not a whole lot of help for the installation in the package. Need to find your own route. It is a good idea to try to install the wiring to the connector at the front of the hitch before replacing all of the vehicle parts. Makes things more accessible. I routed the wire inside the driver side plastic rocker panel and up into the trunk via the fuel gage wiring grommet. Not to bad a deal in the end. Plenty of wire and everything else went together fine. You need to have a bit of wiring capability and a crimp tool for the connectors although soldering would also work.

Gene Shannon 09/27/2013

I installed the Blue Ox BX8869 bulb and socket on a 2013 Honda CRV and after getting advise from the Honda body shop on how to access behind the rear panels (they just pry off after pulling the pins and tie-downs), fishing the wires and drilling the 1" holes in the existing tail lights, the installation went well. this was the last phase for the installation of a tow brake system so the vehicle can be towed behind our camper. (I used Blue Ox tow hardware as well and it went on well too.

Daniel Buchanan 11/12/2012

This was a excellent wiring kit very simple to do, I also bought a Blue Ox base plate which was easy to install the kit on both were complete and information was very detail, Thanks again. Dan

Charles Moore 01/21/2012

It installed easily on my 2012 GMC Terrain. I'm using it with the Blue Ox base plate.

Harold Cook 11/01/2011

Installation of light kit into Saturn Vue Hybrid went very well, with amount of wire supplied near perfect. Haven't towed vehicle yet, but did hook-up and check lights--looks great.

Don Abercrombie 10/23/2010

Product is fine for vehicle lamp housings that will accommodate an additional bulb unfortunately, my 2006 Mazda 3 hatchback does not allow for additional bulbs in housing.
In my case it is best to use Diodes.
------ HitchSource Response ---------
Sorry about the fitment issue. We'll get it swapped out for a diode based kit for you. The bulb and socket kits are nice, but they only fit vehicles with enough space in the turn signal assemblies. The diodes are definitely a more universal solution.

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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