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Blue Ox AutoStop Universal

Blue Ox AutoStop Universal

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The Power of Momentum

The simplest braking system we offer, Autostop uses the forward momentum of your towed vehicle to effect a smooth quick stop, reducing braking distances as much as 30 percent. Autostop can be installed without modification to your RV or towed vehicle, so it won't add wear and tear on your RV's brakes. It's mechanical design allows the braking system to be easily transferred to another vehicle should you happen to trader your car or coach. 

Part Number - BX88100 

 No tapping into existing brake and air locks
 Rated for vehicles weighing up to 7500 pounds
 2" receiver-hitch universal AutoStop works with any style receiver mounted Tow Bar

How it works

When your RV slows down, the momentum of the towed vehicle pushes AutoStop into the hitch. Autostop retracts the cable, proportionally activating your car's brakes. The more force applied to AutoStop, the tighter the cable - for even more supplemental braking power. The AutoStop cable wraps around your car's brake pedal arm and connects to the receiver hitch. 

You determine when the car's brakes will activate by adjusting the preload compression of the power spring. AutoStop does not invade the car's or motorhome's brake system in any way. The adjustable preload and power return is easily modified but still proportional in braking. 

Manufacturer: Blue Ox

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