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Trailer Hitch Motorcycle Carriers.

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Trailer hitch motorcycle carriers are a great alternative to loading your bike in the back of a pick up. Common hitch carriers are similar to beefed up bicycle roof rack trays that mount sideways on a trailer hitch.  Hitch Source currently offers two types of hitch mounted motorcycle carriers.  The Hitch Source carriers are not the standard style.  Both are very unique in function and design.  First is the Ultimate MX Hauler This is similar to a motorcycle stand used in garages and at the race track with a hydraulic jack connected to a trailer hitch mount. this bike carrier is expensive but, cool. Hitch Source’s other motorcycle carrier is The Boss hitch motorcycle carrier. Similar to the standard style the Boss hitch motorcycle carriers have a long wheel tray but this carrier uniquely tilts down to allow for easy loading and unloading.

Both hitch motorcycle carriers work very well and are in a class of their own. Hitch Source recently has arranged to offer several other trailer hitch mounted motorcycle carriers including street bikes and dual dirt bike carriers as well as some of the more common styles. We will keep you posted.