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Torklift Superhitch Trailer Hitches

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

In our never ending quest for new products, we’ve recently added the Torklift line of trailer hitches, known as the “Superhitch”. Torklift has a wide range of products, mostly focused on accessories for truck based campers. The Torklift Superhitch was one of the products that caught our eye.

torklift superhitch and supertruss

At first glance, the Superhitch appears a little odd. Instead of one 2″ receiver opening, it has two of them. The design serves two main purposes… First, if you just want one of the toughest, highest capacity trailer hitches in the industry, it offers two positions to place your ball mount. This gives you a little more flexibility with different trailer tongue heights and varying drops on your ball mounts. Second, and more importantly, the Torklift Superhitch has an accessory called the Supertruss, that is basically an extension that allows the trailer hitch to be extended back from your truck up to a whopping 48 inches. The two receiver design is what gives it the strength it needs to position the ball mount that far back from your truck.

Many of today’s campers are as long as 12 feet. At 12 feet, you’ve got about four feet of camper hanging off the back of your truck. If you want to tow a boat, a car, or any other toys you might think of towing, the Torklift Superhitch and Torklift Supertruss are your ticket.

The Superhitch provides strong vertical support by using the two receiver design. In fact the Superhitch is the highest rated hitch that we’re aware of. With a weight distribution system, it can tow an amazing 17,000 lbs of trailer weight! The Supertruss extensions come with a chain system that provides good lateral stability and overcomes the massive torque that is generated when leveraged out at that distance. Even with the maximum extension, the Superhitch can tow 6,000 lbs of trailer weight without a weight distribution system.

With a weight rating of up to 17,000 lbs, the Torklift Superhitch is not for everyone. It is only available for trucks that can take that kind of abuse. You can use our Torklift Superhitch Finder to find the hitch for your truck.

We’ll have more on Torklift’s product line soon. Happy towing!