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Top 10 Trailer Hitch and Tailgating Ideas Finally!

Thursday, January 15th, 2009

1. The Offroad Commode – “Now you can GO where you’re truck goes”. This gift needs little introduction. Do read the attached marketing materials, for safety’s sake. (NOT FOR USE ON MOVING VEHICLE)

2. The Grinch Winch Towing Device – The Grinch Winch has an adjustable hand throttle allowing you to vary the towing speed, a hydraulic brake for quick and easy stops, and a rope friendly roller system allowing you to tow from almost any angle. The Grinch Winch is designed to fit a 2” receiver hitch on any vehicle and also comes ready for bottom side wheel mounts. This winch can be used for snowskating, wakeboarding, snowboarding and other snow and water sports. Perfect for the ambitious athlete without an ounce of common sense on your Christmas list. First Aid Kit not included!

3. Shade to Go – This trailer hitch mountable umbrella shades from the sun and adjusts to provide shade almost anywhere. Use with trailer hitch mount on any vehicle. Who needs the Carribean with this gift? Now that’s relaxation.

stay cool

stay cool

( takes no responsibility for use or implementation of these gift ideas, including potential hickey bobbing accidents or road rash due to improper use of the Offroad Commode).

Top 10 Trailer Hitch and Tailgating Ideas Cont.

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

The final installment of the Hitch Source top 10 trailer hitch tailgating ideas will be posted Thursday January 15, 2009. Check it out. Wait until you see our #1 pick. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to you comments.

Top 10 Trailer Hitch and Tailgating Ideas Cont.

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

As we continue with are top 10 trailer hitch tailgating ideas you will see that you can really party down with traile hitch accessories.

5. Freedom Grill FG – 100 – Size matters but don’t drop your pants yet, comparing grill size at a tailgator is one sure way to establish dominance as a master of the tailgating universe. This hitch mounted grill company makes a great product and they’re also the winner of The National Barbecue Association award for excellence (no I didn’t make that up, it’s a real group, just like trekkies and the Lindsey Lohan fan club). There’s also a American Tailgators Association and a United States Tailgating Association, not sure why we need both. According to testimonials, this monster grill is the best way to bridge the gap between Bears and Rams fans.

Trailer Hitch Mounted Grill

6. Alfred Hitch Cover – Whether you’re a firefighter, Harley lover, or Mets fan, there’s a Alfred Hitch Cover for you. Don’t leave your hitch naked, make a statement about who you are with these great hitch covers. My personal favorite is the “Got Beer” bottle opener trailer hitch cover.

Trailer Hitch Covers

7. Party a Cargo – This hitch mounted kegerator is sure to make you the life of the party. The entertainment Party a Cargo can include boom box, 9” LCD screen, iPod docking station and CO2 cylinder for your kegerator. (good luck explaining THAT open container).

Top 10 Trailer Hitch and Tailgating Ideas

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Check out all the great, fun ways you can use your trailer hitch. We’ve included our favorite uses for trailer hitches, as well as ideas for the tailgating fan in your life. We’ll post 3 blogs with these great ideas and then we’ll give you an opportunity to vote on your favorite as well as the chance to enter your name in our sweepstakes to win our special tailgaters survival pack. Share, enjoy, comment. We’re glad you’re here!

( takes no responsibility for use or implementation of these ideas, including potential hickey bobbing accidents or road rash due to improper use of the Offroad Commode).

8. Skitching -A word made by combining two words, skate and hitch. Of course trailer hitches are great for pulling your boat or rv, but what about for pulling people? If you already have a trailer hitch, you already have the fun. Here’s the premise… Have your friends grab the trailer hitch (or tie off a rope from the hitch) and pull them around town preferably on a board or bike in highly trafficked downtown areas. If you’re parents have a college education you probably call this skitching, if not, you may know this Winter past time as hickey bobbing. Whatever you call it, it’s all kinds of fun. Here is a great example of skitching gone wrong.

9. Hitch Mounted Hammock Stand – No longer just for your yard, porch or deck, the hammock can go with you wherever you go. If regular tailgating events such as beer drinking and eating bratwurst are more activity than you’d like, take a nap in the hitch mounted hammock.

Trailer Hitch Mounted Hammock Seats

10. Tow Hitch TV- Get rid of the dorky AM headset and trade it in on the Tow Hitch TV!  Watch the pre-game show in HD and impress your friends.  Whether you’re camping or checking out the big game, it’s the perfect gift for the tailgater on your list.  Sofa and satellite dish sold separately…

Trailer Hitch TV

Join us next week for 5-7 of our Top 10 Trailer Hitch & Tail Gating

Trailer Hitch Installation

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Many people still believe that trailer hitches have to be welded, cut, drilled, or fabricated. Today that simply is not the case. Trailer hitch installation is a 30 to 60 minute exercise of bolting a custom manufactured hitch to factory provided holes or weld nuts in the frame of your vehicle. Curt Manufacturing has trailer hitch applications for almost every vehicle manufactured since the late 70s. Installing these hitches is as easy as it gets. Simple knowledge of hand tools is all anyone needs to do their own trailer hitch installation. For example, the very popular Toyota Prius trailer hitch installation takes only 30 minutes. Obviously, with out instructions or the proper hardware it can be difficult to get the trailer hitch installation done in a 30 to 60 minute time frame. Don’t let set backs like lost instructions or missing bolts bring your project to a halt. We have the trailer hitch installation instructions for all Curt Manufacturing hitches available online and can special order bolt kits for any hitch model. The trailer hitch installation instructions are in a printable pdf. format and include detailed description of hardware required for proper installation. So, If you buy a used hitch, lose the instructions or some of the hardware you can always find trailer hitch installation instructions and hardware requirements with our trailer hitch search tool.

Customer Reviews – Honda CRV Trailer Hitch

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

This post is dedicated to our customers. Our site provides a reviews system for customers to share their experiences. The 2007-2008 Honda CRV Trailer Hitch is a popular model and is a great example of how powerful customer feedback can be. Here are some an excerpt from one customer’s review:

This hitch fit our CR-V perfectly and looks great. When you start to lower the muffler, a little dishsoap and water makes the temporary removal of the muffler mounting pins from the rubber bushings much easier! Just wipe the solution on the pin tips and they slip right out.
Also, prior to positioning the hitch, be sure to clean the mounting holes on the frame and test fit the bolts … a little grit or a small blob of undercoating in the threads isn’t something you want to discover later!

2008-2009 Honda CRV CR-V Trailer Hitch

You’ll also notice a great picture of the hitch installed on the Honda CR-V. That picture was submitted by one of our customers.

With hundreds of reviews coming in, we want to take this chance to say thank you! As you look through our site, look for customer reviews at the bottom of each product page for a more personalized experience.

Torklift Superhitch Trailer Hitches

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

In our never ending quest for new products, we’ve recently added the Torklift line of trailer hitches, known as the “Superhitch”. Torklift has a wide range of products, mostly focused on accessories for truck based campers. The Torklift Superhitch was one of the products that caught our eye.

torklift superhitch and supertruss

At first glance, the Superhitch appears a little odd. Instead of one 2″ receiver opening, it has two of them. The design serves two main purposes… First, if you just want one of the toughest, highest capacity trailer hitches in the industry, it offers two positions to place your ball mount. This gives you a little more flexibility with different trailer tongue heights and varying drops on your ball mounts. Second, and more importantly, the Torklift Superhitch has an accessory called the Supertruss, that is basically an extension that allows the trailer hitch to be extended back from your truck up to a whopping 48 inches. The two receiver design is what gives it the strength it needs to position the ball mount that far back from your truck.

Many of today’s campers are as long as 12 feet. At 12 feet, you’ve got about four feet of camper hanging off the back of your truck. If you want to tow a boat, a car, or any other toys you might think of towing, the Torklift Superhitch and Torklift Supertruss are your ticket.

The Superhitch provides strong vertical support by using the two receiver design. In fact the Superhitch is the highest rated hitch that we’re aware of. With a weight distribution system, it can tow an amazing 17,000 lbs of trailer weight! The Supertruss extensions come with a chain system that provides good lateral stability and overcomes the massive torque that is generated when leveraged out at that distance. Even with the maximum extension, the Superhitch can tow 6,000 lbs of trailer weight without a weight distribution system.

With a weight rating of up to 17,000 lbs, the Torklift Superhitch is not for everyone. It is only available for trucks that can take that kind of abuse. You can use our Torklift Superhitch Finder to find the hitch for your truck.

We’ll have more on Torklift’s product line soon. Happy towing!

Do-it-yourself trailer hitch installation

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

Our first time customers often ask how easy it is to install a trailer hitch. There was a day when hitches required welding and cutting. Those days are over. All the trailer hitches we offer are custom made for specific vehicles. In most cases the hitches simply bolt up to existing holes in your frame. You simply put the hitch into position, thread and tighten four bolts, and you’re ready to tow.

To help take the mystery out of the installation process we include the hitch installation instructions in downloadable PDF format from our website. Simply select your vehicle using our hitch selector, select one of the hitches from the results, and look for the “installation instructions” link in the description.  Each set of installation instructions is specific to your vehicle, provides a list of hardware that comes with the trailer hitch, gives you step by step instructions, identifies the tools required, and also gives you an estimated installation time.  We also recommend that you visit our hitch selection guide if you have basic questions about trailer hitches, tow vehicles, and trailers.We offer both pre and post sales technical support by email and telephone – (1-877-go-hitch).