BK-100 Lock N Load Deluxe Wheel Chock

BK-100 Lock N Load Deluxe Wheel Chock

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Down The Road In 60 Seconds!!

Do you trailer a motorcycle? Can you load your motorcycle into your trailer by yourself, in under a minute? Maybe you “ride yours”. How would you like to detail your motorcycle, or check it’s fluids with the bike standing upright, no kickstand. That is possible too, with our garage stand accessory. Sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Thousands are already experiencing the benefits that the Lock ‘N Load BK-100 system provides.

With the BK-100 Lock ‘N Load Wheel Chock TM mounted, you simply drive or push the front tire into the self locking chock and step off. The bike is held secure. The tie downs are placed between the front fender and tire, eliminating the need to compress the front shocks, and cause damage to the seals. This alone could save you hundreds in repairs.

Easy to use secure peace of mind for transporting and/or storage of your motorcycle. 


For the best recessed straps on the market also see F18804


  • self-locking deluxe wheel chock
  • Quick disconnect mounting plate with built in front tire tie down
  • All necessary hardware.
  • Powder coated solid steel construction insures strength.
  • Solid steel construction
  • Ease of use, and installation
  • Accessory options available
  • Tie down strap. The strap is built into the chock. Other systems call it an “option” and charge up to 39.00 for it. 


Please note: The narrow tire adaptor and/or other upgrade options that may be shown in the photos may be optional and not included with the BK-100.  Please call (866) 305-8309 for clarification if needed on what is standard and optional. 

Manufacturer: Lock N Load, Inc

8 reviews

Don Sullivan 09/08/2017

Haven't hauled my Harley with it yet but I have no concerns, this thing is built for business

John Totten 08/05/2017

Just as described and already installed and ready to use.

Timothy Harbor 04/20/2016

Just bought a new Ultra and didn't want to take any chances and this looked like the best on the market.
I was skeptical because I have similar chocks that failed.
But this is made of better materials and the mechanism works as advertised.
I parked my (old) bike and it stayed upright for 3 days.
After a couple of weeks, I finally put the new bike on and it stayed upright as well.
I was impressed enough to buy another as I wanted to permanently mount one on my lift and one in my trailer.
It isn't often that something works just as good as the commercial but this works just like you see it on Youtube.
And the flush mounted straps are just as good. They auto-tension and work without having to rachet them taunt.
I am... Read More

Joseph Schipani 04/14/2016

This is a great product. Easy to install, does a great job and dependable. I installed it in less than a half hour. And it works exactly as advertised. I loaded and unloaded my HD Ultra by myself in about 2 minutes (first time). I'm sure it will be less time after I do it a couple times. I highly recommend it.

Carla Jameson 04/02/2016

We ordered on the weekend & had the product delivered within days. Prompt service, excellent product. Thank you!

David Johnson 08/16/2015

The Wheel Chock works great. My bike loads and unloads easily and was really stable while towing. My only issure was the hooks on the ends of the strap that goes over the front wheel. They need to be a bit larger.

Scott Harris 02/28/2014

This item is great and there is nothing on the market that can touch it. My fiancÚ and I had been looking for months and could not find anything that would secure our bikes in our trailer until we ran across this on YouTube. This item is excellent and you will not be disappointed.

Richard Aguilar 02/28/2014

I mounted it on my 4x8 aluminum trailer to transport my Ducati 1198, it works GREAT. I'm glad I bought the right wheel chock the first time. Product is made well.

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