Atoc DraftMaster Hitch Bike Rack One Delta Trike

Atoc DraftMaster Hitch Bike Rack One Delta Trike

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This rack is designed to carry a delta trike.


The DraftMaster is a combination between a hitch mount rack and roof-style bike mounts. It is preferred by team riders for their support vehicles because of the ease of use, minimal risk of bike damage, and it's availablity in this delta trike configuration. Keep your eyes peeled during the Tour De France and you'll see these racks in action.

DraftMaster offers one of the best racks for recumbent, trike and tandem frames. The specialty rack mounts are available in three sizes to match your bike. Select your wheel base from the drop-down menu below.

It only takes one to mount a bicycle built for two. With the Specialty Hitch Rack pivoted in the down position, the fork-mount is only six feet off the ground. Simply attach the fork, push your Tandem or Long Wheelbase Recumbent bike onto the rack and secure the straps.
draftmaster in action picture

Draftmaster specialty plus 2 picture

Do you have women's bikes or Y-bikes to carry? No worries. Unlike standard hitch mount racks, this rack doesn't discriminate.

It's no wonder this rack has won two consectutive Consumer's Choice Awards from as well as the Editor's choice award from Bicycling Magazine.

Modular System
The new modular cross-arm design allows for easy and quick installation, removal, and storage.

Rear Access
This rack allows access to the rear of the vehicle with a convenient, user-friendly foot pedal release that pivots the rack away from the vehicle.

Fork Mount/Wheel Tray Mounting System
This rack combines the best elements of a hitch mounted rack with the best elements of a roof mounted rack. The bikes mount rigidly in individual positions, away from each other and the vehicle. The rack doesn't even touch your bike's paint job, unlike most other hitch mounted racks.

Gas Mileage
You'll experience improved fuel efficiency, less wind noise, and no unsightly bug guts on handle bars because the bikes are carried in the draft of the vehicle.

New oval tubing provides a stylish new look to these racks.

See "Other Suggested Products" below for the full range of add-on accessories.

-- Includes mounting locations for one recumbent or tandem and two standard bikes
-- Designed for a 2" receiver
-- Width: 32"
-- Height: 80"
-- Depth: 25"
-- Critical strength components made of high strength steel
-- Bike attachments and supports made of aluminium for ease of handling and light overall weight

-- Be sure to select the correct wheel base configuration below when ordering.
-- Front Wheel Carrier is pictured, but sold separately.
-- When measuring the wheelbase, measure from the center of the front axel to the center of the rear axel.

Componet Parts -= Int200 + CAA-0010-0943 + (1) S63 

Manufacturer: Atoc

This product fits the following vehicles:

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