Andersen Ultimate Trailer Gear Duffel Bag

Andersen Ultimate Trailer Gear Duffel Bag

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All the gear you need with the Andersen Ultimate Trailer Gear duffel bag!


This kit will help you level your trailer precisely, and quickly on the first try, change a flat tire on multi axle trailer, or dually vehicles, keep stabilizer legs from sinking ,chock your wheels, and keep 90% of the dirt outside your rv or trailer.


Ultimate trail gear kit includes

  • 2 Camper Levelers with 2 Tuff Chocks
  • 1 Rapid Jack with 1 Rubber Pad
  • 1 Clean Step
  • 4 Tuff Pads
  • 2 Extra Tuff Chocks
  • 1 Sturdy Carry Bag with handles


Made in the USA

3 Year Warrenty 

Manufacturer: Andersen Manufacturing

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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