Andersen EZ Goose - Gooseneck Receiver

Andersen EZ Goose - Gooseneck Receiver

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The EZ Goose eliminates having to climb into the bed of the truck to lock a gooseneck coupler in place.

Comes with options of (SQUARE or ROUND) . Please specify in checkout


  • 31 inches long.
  • Fitted with Andersen's remote release cable assembly (no need to climb in and out of the truck bed to lock coupler)
  • Made of schedule 80 tubing.
  • Rated for 24,000 lb GTWR and 6,000 lb tongue weight.
  • Powder Coated silver for long term good looks.
  • Fitted with Andersen's bell shaped coupler allowing for hookup even when up to 3" off center.
  • Only V19 tested gooseneck in the industry.
  • Fits standard 2-5/16" gooseneck ball hitch.
  • Made in the USA!

Manufacturer: Andersen Manufacturing

1 review

Ronald A Fisher 05/21/2018

I now have one of these hitches on all my gooseneck trailers, all my friends are starting to buy. Now no more climbing in the back your truck, we have located the chains permanently to the bed of the truck and swing them over to the side of the truck so that we can reach the chains and hook them up from the outside of the truck and reached the break away break from outside the truck simply done by putting two Eye hooks on your toolbox or on the side wall of your truck. No more climbing in and out of your truck it is definitely an easy hitch
Thumbs up guys Great invention
Five stars for sure

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