12" Roadtrip Antenna SDI-White

12" Roadtrip Antenna SDI-White

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12" Roadtrip Antenna SDi-White

  • 12 inch RoadTrip dome in-motion and stationary automatic antennas are known for their reliability, simple one button operation and sleek look.
  • DVB technology ensures extremely fast and accurate satellite acquisition.
  • Antennas are equipped to receive programming from a single satellite at a time and automatically toggle between multiple satellites depending on the provider.
  • View standard programming for DIRECTV, all standard and HD programming for DISH Network, and all standard and HD programming for Bell TV in most of Canada.
  • Not compatible with DIRECTV KA-band satellites.
  • Supports two receivers so you can watch different programs on the same satellite.
  • 32 inch diameter, 12.5 inch dome ht, wt 35 lbs., ship wt. 50 lbs. Color: White.

Manufacturer: Winegard

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