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05-07 JEEP Liberty | Blue Ox Tow Bar Baseplates

05-07 JEEP Liberty | Blue Ox Tow Bar Baseplates

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Blue Ox reliability and performance with the ability to remove the visible portion of the Base Plate when you're not towing the vehicle. So hidden you have to know what you are looking for to see it. Towed car to road car in seconds.

Blue Ox tow bar base plates:
  • Once the tow bar base plate tabs have been removed, the mounts are virtually invisible.
  • Designed to work with virtually any tow bar.
  • Base plates uniquely manufactured for unparalleled strength
  • Blue Ox base plates are designed to use existing attachment points on the vehicle undercarriage.
  • No welding required to install these base plates!
  • In most cases Blue Ox base plates attach through the grille. This means no dragging or scraping on the ground!
Removeable Base Plates

Product Specifications
Manufacturer: Blue Ox
Model: Tow Bar Baseplate
Part Number: BX1122

This towbar baseplate is designed to fit the following vehicles:

2005-2007 JEEP Liberty
Installation Time: 3 Hours
--Bumper fascia must be removed and replaced during installation.
--Requires some drilling (not major).
--Use only with motorhome mount tow bars or the BX8833 or BX88151 adapters. Removable tabs with only one hole will not attach to car mount tow bars or other adapters. The Acclaim may only be used with removable tab baseplates that have 22" or greater spaced tabs. The Adventurer may be used with baseplates having 24"-40" spaced removable tabs. The Ambassador may only be used with 24" spaced removable tabs.

Baseplate Installation Instructions
Blue Ox Base Plate installation instructions

About Blue Ox Tow Bar Baseplates:
  • Every Blue OX base plate is designed with your safety in mind. Each towbar base plate is then "real-world" tested to validate their safety and durability.
  • Blue Ox tow bar base plates are custom made for specific vehicles to ensure easy installation and the best possible fit.
  • Every towbar base plate is powder coated by baking particles of pigment onto the metal surface. This creates a glossy, uniform, and durable finish that will protect your tow bar base plate for years to come.
  • Blue Ox is always working to provide the best quality products with easy to use design They currently offer towbar brackets for over 2000 vehicle models.
Note: Before installing a tow bar base plate, make sure your vehicle is capable of being towed. See the owners manual or contact your dealership.

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Manufacturer: Blue Ox

2 reviews

Robert Ireland 03/02/2014

When I received the kit for the base plate, I thought I would need help from a friend to install it. One day at about noon I thought I would try to install the kit by myself. The instructions were so exact, and the nuts, bolts, pieces and parts were so exact they all fit. I don't mean almost, with a little prying, or almost with a little reaming out. I mean they fit. To disassemble the car, which I thought "no way" was very explicit and exact that I couldn't make a mistake. I was finished by 4 p.m. I am not a mechanic but a retired Court Reporter, and I found the instructions easy to follow. Robert Ireland

David Victor 07/03/2010

The base plate worked out great; it fit with no additional modifications. I like the way it looks on the vehicle; you can not really see it unless you know it is there. The major issue I had was with the nuts and bolts they sent to be used for installation.; it was very difficult installing the parts with those nuts and bolts. I went and found my thread tap to clean out the threads on the nuts and once that was completed the install was very easy. Followed the instructions for the installation and they had all the steps necessary. I would recommend this product to whoever needs a base plate.

This product fits the following vehicles:

Click image below for detailed installation instructions:

Installation Instructions

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